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FH-DCE Super Rally® on Öland, Sweden 1th–5st June 2022

Welcome to this year’s Super Rally® on Öland, Sweden. As an exhibitioner,
we offer you approx. 12,000 Harley Davidson enthusiasts from all over Europe
for this powerful 5-day rally. We hope to see you there, let´s power up.

Market area opens

Wednesday 12:00–22:00 Thursday 10:00–24:00 Friday 10:00–24:00
Saturday 10:00–24:00 Sunday 10:00–12:00

Exhibitioners are welcomed from Monday 30th of May from 12:00, latest check in
10:00 on the 31th of May 2022. The market area opens 12:00 on Wednesday
1th of June.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]

Security: The market area will be monitored 24/7. No traffic is allowed on the main
street or in the market area during the rally.
Food and drink: It is forbidden to sell food, beverages or sweets in the market area.
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to offer or to sell.
Price for market stall: The rent is based on the size of your market stall and must be paid by latest
2:nd of May 2022 or your reservation will be canceled. Minimum: 4 meters – 5,000 SEK (market stalls may have a maximum width
of 6 meters). Longer than 4 meters: 5,000 SEK + 1,000 SEK per extra meter
(market stalls may have a maximum width of 6 meters). Maximum stall 9 meters: 10,000 SEK, need more than 9 meters?
Plan for 2 separate stalls! Special requests: Ask for an offer! alexandra@powerevent.se. Electricity per market stall: 1,000 SEK,
max. 1,000 W for lights, computers and cash register. The rent includes entry passes to the rally area:
A 4-meter market stall = 2 free passes
A 6-meter market stall = 3 free passes
A 9-meter market stall = 4 free passes
Additional passes cost 850 SEK/ticket
Advertising: As an exhibitor, you also have the opportunity to advertise in our Super Rally®
program with a 35% discount.